Reiki and Soul Journey

Most people that I know are looking for spiritual growth. Our soul journey is about strengthening our connection with the Source, our Higher-self, our Guides, Universe, or whatever word you use to describe it. This is not an esoteric journey separated from our daily life. Our everyday life is a part of our journey. When someone says that some current problems are standing in the way of their Soul Journey, they are missing the point. These problems or obstacles are part of their journey.

Everything that crosses our path is exactly what we need at this moment for our spiritual growth. They are an opportunity to elevate us as individuals and make a positive impact. Our Soul Journey starts with embracing everything that comes our way. With infinite wisdom of its principles (5 percepts), Reiki expressively supports that. Like many other spiritual practices, Reiki can guide us on this journey. I want to point again that Reiki is not a religion; it's a spiritual practice. There is a distance between religion and spirituality. Religious people could be spiritual; not all spiritual people are religious. The significant difference is that faith involves dogma and spirituality does not. Spirituality is the round table where no one sits at its head.

I cannot claim that Reiki will bring you a spiritual awakening, but you are on the right path if you are drawn to or practice Reiki. Reiki is about our connection to the Source and everything in the universe. Reiki teaches us about nonduality.

We are now in an exciting place in human history, approaching a threshold, a new paradigm of new science, new spirituality, and a new humanity. In many aspects, a new science, especially quantum physics, now overlaps with a new spirituality. The old understanding of spirituality teaches about human imperfection and the need to reach out to grow. The new knowledge of spirituality teaches that everything we need is already inside us. It is about self-discovery and self-empowerment. There is a story about Michelangelo. Once, he was asked what was his secret to creating such beautiful sculptures? His answer was: "the sculpture is already in the stone. I only chip away what does not belong there." This is the basis of a new spirituality – our best version of ourselves already exists inside us.

Reiki teaches about interconnectedness and that we are pure light, the energetic being in the human body. We could now better understand this ancient statement through discoveries in quantum optics and quantum entanglements. Our light or energy can reach anything and affect everything.

Another point in the Soul Journey is to learn to separate our inner voice from outside noise. We are constantly surrounded by outside voices: people, media, etc. Outside voices condition us from an early age; they influence our belief system. In the words of Michelangelo, this is the time to 'chip away' everything that does not serve our higher self. Now is the time to embrace the skills to subdue these voices so we can better hear and understand our inner voice, our inner self, and our Soul.

As Bruce Lipton said: "Spirituality is a quantum physics that affects our biology." This is how Reiki works. This empowers our spiritual body's unique ability to heal and grow. It is realizing that we are part of the vast energy field with unlimited potential. We have the ability not only to change our life and the lives of our loved ones but to affect the world. As Buckminster Fuller once said: "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." Practicing Reiki precepts and our Soul Journey is the first step to changing the world.

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