I've had the pleasure to meet Roman and hear about his passion for making an impact through his community and abroad through his Peace and Balance Reiki Center.

 So much respect for him and his heart to serve and help others. Check out the different virtual services he offers and his unique approach to holistic wellness!

                     ~ Amber A., Wilmington, North Carolina 2021

Had a wonderful “distance Reiki” session with Roman Vaynshtok. I was wondering how Reiki works if the person isn’t near you. I kept my cell near me while he spoke, meditation, and healing words. He had me place my hands on areas that needed healing while he spoke. Very relaxing and soothing.

                  ~Trina G., Cleveland, OHIO 2021

If you’re looking for a way to increase your company's productivity and reduce employee stress ... consider this valuable service.

                ~Danny V., North Canton, Ohio 2021             

Roman is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about assisting in providing relief for stress and pain, which I feel we could all benefit from, especially during the challenging times we are facing in regards to the pandemic. He is a wealth of knowledge and guidance. I subscribed to his self-healing guide, which has offered incredible insight to me personally. I highly recommend his services.

               ~ Shannon R. RN, Cleveland, Ohio 2021

     I accepted Roman’s gracious offer of free distance reiki sessions during the pandemic in April 2020. I am impressed by his compassionate care and sensitivity in his process of giving a distant reiki treatment. It is very personalized, and in the course of three treatments, I learned of his knowledge of nutrition and herbs in addition to reiki and how certain simple additions to my diet can help me.

     As a reiki practitioner, I have learned from my exposure to his methods; it is a level up from anything I have experienced before. As a person in need of healing, I am ever so grateful for the distant reiki treatments I received from him. The treatments helped relieve ongoing chronic pain through deep relaxation, and I remained peaceful and relaxed for hours afterward. I also felt more focused and less overwhelmed. Roman is a great one to partner within working together towards healing; he goes the extra mile for his clients. 

                   ~Donna B-P RMT, Olmsted Township, Ohio 2020

Gentle, calm, warm, and beautiful. My distance session with Roman was very relaxing. I felt reiki gently filling up my hands and flowing through my palms. Felt tiny popping sensations, some tingling, and a distinctly warm feeling entering from the top of my head into my body. A calmness took over me, and I felt lighter, more balanced, and relaxed.
I am looking forward to my second session with him. Definitely recommend. Thank you, Roman.
                 ~Eiman K., Lahore, Pakistan 2020

I highly recommend Roman as a distance healing provider. I have been receiving his sessions for over a year. His sessions provide incredible help with my battle with cancer. They significantly reduce pain, discomfort, and side effects of the treatments. His knowledge and advice were beneficial.
              ~Irene M., Tiraspol, Moldova 2020

After a nasty fall, I broke several bones in my hand. Roman was kind to stop at my office to give me a few short but powerful sessions. After his sessions, I didn’t need Percocet or Vicodin for a while. His healing touch contributed to my quick recovery. I highly recommend him to everyone who is suffering from pain.

              ~S. P., Pepper Pike, Ohio 2020

Roman has been coming to our home to help my husband through the side effects of three strokes, which now make him a bed patient. We, as a family, are thrilled with the sessions Roman performs for him. He is relaxed, his anxiety lessens, and his sleep pattern improves for quite a long period after the Reiki session. Roman often suggests natural remedies to improve his wellbeing. We highly recommend Roman to anyone who needs a lasting, peaceful demeanor from a natural approach therapy.


         ~Judith S., Willoughby, Ohio  2020

I would highly recommend Roman. The session was very relaxing and left me feeling peaceful. For anyone looking for a Reiki practitioner, I think Roman is very knowledgeable and capable of helping you find good health and mental calmness.

     ~Christine W., Parma, Ohio 2019

Roman is a kind and caring reiki practitioner and teacher with a healing touch. I highly recommend his service.

     ~Holly B., Lakewood, Ohio 2019

     ~Mindi E., Mentor, Ohio 2018

My distance healing sessions with Mr. Roman were straightforward as a procedure but accurate and in-depth. I am grateful for the wisdom of Reiki and the results of the sessions.

Mr. Roman is a real professional and gifted healer. 
Peace and light!
                     ~ Margarita R., Athens, Greece