What I Might Experience During a Session

I love to hear from my clients about their experiences after a session. Some of them are very common, and some are unique. Feeling the heat, cascading waves, pulsation throughout the body, or seeing colors are just a few to mention. For some, the Reiki experience is a big WOW, while for other people, the first session, in particular, may be uneventful, although they feel better afterward. Reiki has an accumulative effect; why most practitioners recommend a series of four sessions. People have different experiences because we are all unique and have different levels of sensitivity. Energies that practitioner works with are called subtle energies for a reason. Some people are more sensitive to these energies than others.

Let me give you an example.

Two individuals walk into a room full of people. One will see a crowd; another will pinpoint someone in this crowd and talk about the bad vibes he receives from this person. This example shows that people have different sensitivity to subtle energies. We are constantly exposed to all kinds of energies. If someone does not feel them in their physical body or energy field, it does not mean they are not occurring. Our body often responds to the environment without us realizing that, like our eyes adjust to darkness or light without us realizing this.

A few suggestions to increase sensitivity

Our diet, lifestyle, and environment could create a toxicity level that reduces our sensitivity. It is a natural reaction of our body to protect us from being overwhelmed. Detoxifying our body makes the stronger and more noticeable mind-body connection. We will better feel energy movement during the sessions and recognize tensions and blockages in our body. Improving mind-body communications makes it easier for us to hear our body and understand its needs.

Removing toxins makes our voice of inner wisdom stronger and makes it easier to manage chronic illnesses. This process restores previously subdued functions of some organs and boosts our immune system. It doesn't need to be a sophisticated cleansing process. Let's focus on the small, achievable steps. For each of us, these steps could be different but have the same goal. Our Health is Our Responsibility. We need to start listening to our body when it whispers before it starts screaming. Let me be clear when I talk about detoxifying; it is not only about removing something but also preventing something from getting in and affecting us. The toxin could be in food, but it could be an emotional, mental or energetic toxin. Be aware of this.

Prevention is like changing the oil in your car, and treatment is rebuilding your engine. What do you prefer? Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you. It is only one place where we can live. Please consider a Reiki session as one of the prevention strategies.

Advice to a practitioner:

  • Remove every electronic device from yourself or your client. Electronic devices produce Electro Magnetic Field that will interfere during the session.

  • If you feel under the weather, stressed, or not 100% in any other way - reschedule the session. Like the old saying - you cannot offer someone a drink if your cup is empty.

Advice to the client:

  • You have the choice between a practitioner's table or chair. You know where your body will be more comfortable. Take a few minutes to adjust your body comfortably. If needed, ask for an extra pillow or blanket.

  • Use a restroom before a session.

Our everyday routine and life pressure could disconnect us from ourselves. We need time for ourselves; to pause and reflect. It is much easier to hear our inner wisdom when we are silent. It is beneficial to meditate, but a quiet walk in nature could have the same positive effect.

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I am is not a licensed medical doctor or therapist. Reiki or any Energy treatment is not a substitute for medical treatment or medication.

With love and light,


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