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Reiki Precepts

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

We are all familiar with these Reiki precepts. It doesn’t matter in what Reiki style you were trained; you were introduced to them. Mikao Usui made them a foundation of Reiki. I use them as a mantra every morning to set up a stage for my day. At the beginning of our journey, we learn them in the first level Reiki before the symbols or techniques. To be able to assist someone with healing, we need to heal ourselves. These precepts are an essential element in self-healing. We do not emphasize often enough the JUST FOR TODAY part of this phrase. This part keeps us at ease. We promise ourselves and commit for JUST TODAY. If somewhere or somehow we slip, tomorrow will be another day. Tomorrow there will be another opportunity.

Depending on our state of mind, we could try practicing all five precepts or one at a time. There is no right or wrong way. We can focus every day on different precepts or work on one that makes more sense for us on that day.

For example, if you struggle with anger and frustration, you would focus on the first precept. First, we need to realize that anger is already in us if we become angry. No one can make us angry; we choose anger as a response. Many times our perception or assumption will predict our response. Change them, and you change your response to the situation. Let us review this common situation: someone speeding and cutting us off. We could choose anger as a response or go from the place of love and compassion. Maybe this driver just received a call that a loved one was admitted to a hospital or any other emergency. In this case, we are not swearing at this driver; we are praying for his safety.

The same applies to worries and kindnesses. If you store your worries inside you, they will spill into any situation you are exposed to. Fill yourselves with self-love, and be surprised how many lovely people will surround you.

Data also confirms that gratitude increases the production of “happy hormones,” improves sleep, boosts the immune system, and has many other health benefits.

The phrase JUST FOR TODAY also has another layer. It shows us where we need to focus. We need to place our focus on the Here and Now. Not on the past or the future; they're homes of our anger and worry. Being mindful of the present moment will affect our responses to current situations.

These precepts were put in by Mikao Usui, not randomly. They are in to help us heal physically and spiritually. These precepts help us find and maintain inner peace, connect with the source.

With Love and Light,


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