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Reiki in our daily life

As Reiki practitioners or enthusiasts, we incorporate Reiki into our daily lives. The ideal situation is when the use of Reiki becomes a habit. Reiki is not only applying hands but also reciting/chanting precepts, meditation, breathing, grounding, and a few more practices. You may find my blog post about creating new habits helpful

The daily Reiki practice offers numerous physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits and enriches our lives overall. Little moments through the day will make a big difference in our lives. It is great if you can sit on your meditation cushion for an hour. If not, even 5-10 minutes of practicing mindfulness would be great. It doesn’t matter how busy our day is or how tired we are. There is always an opportunity to practice Reiki. Here are a few ways to introduce Reiki to our daily life:

·        When you wake up before getting out of bed, recite Reiki precepts. It does not take long, but it will set you up for the new day. You can also repeat them during the day.

·        When preparing your meal, send Reiki to your food. It does not require any additional time. Your hands are already touching food; just accompany it with Reiki love and gratitude.

·        Whenever you have your meal, add mindfulness to it. You can do this by being fully in the present. What do you feel? What do you taste, texture, smell, colors, temperature, etc? We can do this not only with our meals but with every sip of water or coffee.

·        We can use time in the shower for grounding practice. Water is a great conduit and connector.

·        Our pets and plants are happy to be recipients of Reiki.

·        When experiencing a stressful situation, take a few slow belly breaths. With inhalation, follow your breath, bringing the energy of peace and love down into the Hara. When exhaled, move your breath to the heart and radiate this energy of love and peace from the heart to every organ and system in your body and beyond.

·        Self-Treatment or Self-Reiki. You can do a full session when you are winding down in the evening or 3-5 minute micro-sessions during the day. Many times, two or three-hand positions could be as effective as a full session.

These are a few suggestions, but you can create many more opportunities to bring Reiki into your daily life. Reiki increases our energetic field and restores or improves communication between our organs and systems on a cellular level. Reiki harmonizes energy flow that boosts our immune system and resilience overall. It not only improves our physical and mental health but also social interactions and relationships. Consistently practicing Reiki also makes us better practitioners. It improves our connections with the Source and intuition.  

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