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Reiki and Pregnancy. Before, During and After.

Sometimes women ask me, Could Reiki help me become pregnant? Or Could Reiki help me during pregnancy? I will try to answer them.

Research from the USA Connecticut's Hartford Hospital states that pregnant women who use Reiki regularly experience a significant reduction in stress and anxiety, morning sickness, and dramatic improvement in sleep quality. Reiki proves to be beneficial not only to mothers-to-be but also to their unborn babies. Reiki could be helpful during the labor stage to ease the stress of delivery. Reiki can improve a whole family's experience through pregnancy. Reiki reduces the physical and emotional toll in every step of pregnancy, making the journey into motherhood more joyous and memorable.

Some women experience difficulty becoming pregnant. Reiki could be a valuable addition to any therapies or fertility treatments women receive. Sessions could remove stagnant or blocked energies that can prevent women from conceiving. Many times, women are not able to conceive because their body is in survival mode. In this case, our body's inner wisdom dictates that it is not safe to bring a child into the world. Reiki helps restore and balance energy flow, telling our body it is safe, relax. Reiki will release negative preconceptions, help a woman regain self-confidence and a sense of peace. The sessions will enhance mind-body connection and communication.

Our body sees the world through our emotions and thoughts. In our thoughts, we can create danger and an unhealthy world that is not safe for the child or a world of peace and love. Some activities like Reiki, yoga, Tai chi, Qigong improve and balance energy flow in our bodies. These practices help our body relax and feel safe.

I found that it is highly effective when both partners receive treatment. I also prefer to give a session to a new mother together with a baby.

During pregnancy, the energy exchange between mother and unborn child is very important. Mother shares with her child not only nutrition but also emotions and thoughts. Reiki is instrumental in bringing physical and emotional balance to the person and the child. It also helps in building a robust and spiritual bond between the mother and the unborn baby.

After pregnancy, a young mother is expected to have less stress. On the contrary, new demands from your body and your baby add more pressure to your life. A woman can experience what some call "baby blues." The most common symptoms of "baby blues" are mood swings, anxiety, sadness, irritability, crying, and trouble sleeping, to name a few. Reiki could give relief and assist in recovery. We must differentiate between "baby blues" and postpartum depression. I would strongly recommend any new mother experiencing such symptoms to visit and discuss that with her physician. Reiki is not a replacement for professional medical attention. In this case, Reiki can be utilized as a healing modality to complement professional medical care make it more effective.

It is important to note that a woman should be aware that taking care of herself is as crucial as taking care of her newborn as a new mom. It's perfectly okay to take that nap, long hot bath, or relax and watch a favorite show while the baby sleeps. Like everyone, the new mom needs "me time," too. Often a new mom feels isolated in their little mom-baby world, which affects the mother's mental health. Reiki could help with balancing energy flow, chakras, and feeling grounded.

Distance sessions are as effective as in-person sessions. I often register powerful energy flow when mom is resting together with a baby for the session. Reiki can bring a fantastic result in bringing peace to your mind and body. It brings together their energy, boosts the bond between the mom and a baby, and strengthens the immune system. Some people feel a positive effect right after the first session. Usually, it takes two-three sessions to have a measurable impact on the person.

Contact me with any questions or to set up your initial session.

Disclosure: This material is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

With love and light,


December 2021


"I can attest to this! I had a difficult pregnancy with twins, and feeling at a loss, I tried Reiki. It helped take the edge off and make things more bearable! So, I had weekly sessions until the twins were born. They were seven weeks early but bigger and healthier than the doctors anticipated. I had a c-section and increased risk for postpartum. I continued having weekly Reiki sessions, and I recovered from the c-section quickly, and I felt amazing! This experience is what made me want to learn Reiki." Rochelle C.

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