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Our biofield in relation to our health.

Our biofield consists of the energies flowing inside and outside our body. This flow of energy and information has a direct effect on our health. The term biofield is relatively new; it was first mentioned in 1992 by the National Institutes of Health. The latest research has found that our biofield reacts to our mental and emotional state. In his experiments, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov showed the changes in the biofield’s size, color, shape, and density. Our body's energetic field starts vibrating in different frequencies that infiltrate every cell in the body. This vibration and information could bring HEALTH or ILLNESS. Our biofield permeates our body on a molecular level; it can activate our health genes or genes that carry diseases. In our genetic markup, we have all kinds of genes, but, most of the time, we have control over which of them will be dormant or activated. We are responsible for our health and not medical doctors. We need to take ownership of our physical, mental, and emotional health. For example, even if you regularly exercise and have a healthy diet but are in a toxic work environment, your energy field will be affected. It is why we have remarkable stories related to Reiki, Qigong, homeopathy, and other energy therapies. Some therapies can help regulate and restore our energy field.

Paying attention to our energy field means also being aware of the energies around us: energies that accrue naturally and energies that are manmade.

Energy healing practices that have been widely practiced for millennia involve biocommunication or energy transfer through the biofield. In my previous blog, I mentioned that medicine men or women avoid making potions or conducting ceremonies when they are under the weather. They perfectly understand the concept of oneness and nonlocality. Indigenous healers understand our connectedness, how our energy fields are connected, and how they affect one another. Individual biofields continuously expose and interact with the biofield of other people and the biofield of nature. Everyone has experienced becoming energized when communicating with some people and becoming drained after a conversation with others. This is an effect of the biofields around us. Another example is the healing effect of nature's biofield. People who spend a lot of their time in nature have less stress-related or mental disorders. The biofield of nature and the Earth's electromagnetic field helps us stay grounded, centered, and balanced.

Our conventional medicine is now in a state of transition. More and more medical facilities are open to integrative medicine, focusing on the whole person and not just treating disease. Emerging research in biofields, psychoneuroimmunology, and psychosocial genomics opens new frontiers in understanding the human body. We recognize that our body generates electrical signals that could be registered by ECG, EEG, or other devices, but we’ve also learned the heart's electromagnetic field can be recorded up to several feet from the body (magnetocardiogram). This electromagnetic field also carries information that could be detected (felt) by another living organism.

The concept of the biofield is the shift from the biochemistry paradigm to the energy-informational model or the energy that delivers information and establishes communication between organs, systems, and cells. Information that is critical to maintaining health.

The journal Global Advances in Health and Medicine in November 2015 issue stated: “Further investigations in biofield science and healing, especially those involving multidisciplinary collaborations—including clinical and preclinical trials, physiology, biophysics, device technology, and theoretical and philosophical models—will guide the way to a new paradigm in biology and medicine.”

Our health is our responsibility. A balanced and vibrant biofield will predict our health.


This material is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

With love and light,


November 2021

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