How Distance Healing Works

Many spiritual traditions and indigenous cultures believe in the "oneness" or interconnectedness of all things and the ability of one person to affect another through thoughts or energy. That healing can be done in person or at a distance with the same benefits. Distance healing has a variety of modalities. Perhaps the best known is Reiki. Its healing energy connects us on an energetic and spiritual level where the healing work is conducted. To understand this, we must first realize that we are more than our physical bodies. Only now, with advances in quantum physics, we began to understand the phenomenon of distant healing. Understand the physics of this subtle energy. Modern physics recognizes the concept of this subtle energy as a concept of dark energy. Now we know that Universe is roughly 68% of dark energy, 27% of dark matter, and approximately 5% of our normal matter, visible to humans. Or, as physicists Elizabeth A. Rauscher and Russell Targ say, "...(distant healing) phenomena are not a result of an energetic transmission, but rather they are an interaction of our awareness with a non-local hyper-dimensional space-time in which we live."

What happens during a distance session?

We all receive energy frequencies that we cannot see, such as electricity, radios, cell phones, and wi-fi. Initially, these frequencies were thought to be too unbelievable to be true, but now they are accepted as routine functioning services. For them to work, they have to be tuned in, and Distant Reiki works the same way. The practitioner puts himself into a type of meditative state. In this state, his consciousness and spirituality rise over his ego. Only then his consciousness can connect with the universal consciousness, this connection with the Universe, feeling of Oneness, allows the practitioner to move into a non-local stage. A stage where we all interconnected. We call this phase non-local because, in distant healing, the healing effects are not bound to space. This means that the results do not diminish with distance, so it does not matter how far the healer and the recipient are separated by space. In this plain, I connect with the recipient and initiate distance healing. Different practitioners, depending on modality, technique, and approach, could conduct a distance session differently. I prefer to make a phone call before a session to assess the recipient and give guidance for the upcoming session. I also provide a call after a session to evaluate the effectiveness and recipient's response/reaction: what Reiki recipients experienced like seeing colors, feeling energy pull in some area, or any other sensations are critical information. This allows me to deeper understand what was going on in my patient's body, be more effective. During the session I focus on the recipient's energy centers and his or her aura. Depending on the intentions and skills of the practitioner, the positive effects can be far-reaching and range from the healing of emotional issues to measurable physiological changes. The majority of my clients are people who suffer from pain, cancer patients, terminally ill, or receive palliative care.

How long does it take to work?

That depends on the person and situation. Some people will say it happens immediately. Other people say it happens over a few days; sometimes, it requires several sessions.


Energy healing that I practice will not manipulate your energy field, will not redirect energy flow; it focuses on your self-healing abilities to restore optimal health—helping your body become balanced and whole. It is a team effort. There are two almost equal partners in the healing process practitioner and recipient. The recipient needs to be motivated, has the desire to be healed, needs to be receptive. He/she needs willingly accept this healing energy.

The effects of distance healing had been studied and measured hundreds of times over the last 30-40 years. Many of them described in the "Distance Healing" by Daniel J. Benor, MD.

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