Healthy Cells - Healthy Person

There are around 75 trillion cells in the body, and every moment our body is rebuilding itself. Each cell has its life span. For example, red blood cells live for about four months; skin cells live about two-three weeks. Our body is continuously replacing old cells with the new ones at the rate of millions per second. In the process of creating a new cell, our body needs two components – materials and power.

Power is the universal energy that flows inside and outside of our bodies. We can take a back seat in this process or take an active position. It is especially important during recovery after surgeries or aggressive treatments. Our body needs to replace a lot of extra cells damaged during these treatments. These patients could greatly benefit from Reiki treatments. Experienced Reiki practitioners could increase energy flow through the affected area minimizing the healing time. He/She can detect and dissolve energy blocks in the body, balance, and restore natural energy flow. Restoring natural energy flow improves the functions of the organs, and communication between them, improving the physical and mental wellbeing of the client.

At the beginning of this blog, I mentioned that to create a new cell, our body needs two components: materials and power. Let talk about materials. Our food is materials that the body uses. The food could help us to heal or slow poison us. In general, healthy food help produce a healthy cell. Our choices do not just define us; they predict our future. I always review my client's diet and lifestyle. Sometimes even small changes make a big difference. We will never go to an extreme, but most of the time, we agree to make a minor adjustment. Our diet can improve a chemical balance that plays a significant role in our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Our mindset, our energy, and our food will determine what kind of cell we are creating. We can recreate damaged cells during replacement, or create a healthy one.

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