Healing Power of Heart

I believe we do not talk enough about the healing power of the human heart. Our heart is not just a pump that regulates blood flow; it is much, much more. In any culture, when someone introduces himself, he unconsciously places his hand on the heart area. We all unconsciously understand that our personality, our "I am," or soul, resides in the heart, not the brain. In the last two decades, more and more studies have been conducted on the role and abilities of the heart. We can find more information on

The heart is the first organ developed in a baby's body. It coordinates emotional, informational, and energetic exchange between mother and her child. The heart is influential and critical in forming child’s brain and Central Nervous System.

Our heart generates the largest electromagnetic field that can be measured several feet from the body. The phrase Heart-Brain does not raise any more eyebrows (see blog post- The heart’s electrical field registered by ECG is 60 times greater in amplitude than that of the brain's recorded by EEG. The energetic field of our heart influences every cell in our body, affecting our physical and emotional health. I am not disputing the importance of all three Tanden (Dantians), but second Tanden (Heart Chakra) is the one that unites them and gives purpose and direction. There is a reason why it is located in the middle of the Tanden or Chakras systems, equally distanced from other energy centers. The healing energy of the heart, its beat, and vibration affect every cell in our body.

Research by Linda Russek in the 1990s showed that the electromagnetic field of one person could affect and be registered in another person's brainwaves. Our hearts make an impact on the people around us. Knowing that is especially important for everyone who practices energy medicine. In 2014 Stephane Espinosa published a thought-provoking paper, "The Therapeutic Role of the Practitioner's Heart in Classical Chinese Medicine and Modern Medical Science" (the European Journal of Oriental Medicine Vol. 7 No. 5 (2014) p 18-25.) In this paper, she focuses on the therapeutic role of the practitioner's heart, highlighting the importance of "compassion and clarity of intention" in bringing coherence between practitioner and recipient, creating energetic links. This paper emphasizes the role and power of the heart. Understanding the heart’s role opens the door to having a better grasp of a wide range of human experiences. It is why the practitioner’s state of mind, his emotional and mental health, is essential. Healing can only come from inner peace, from a place of love and compassion. When a practitioner connects with a recipient from this place, he awakens a sense of inner peace and well-being in a client. This heart-to-heart connection empowers the body to restore and heal, balance and direct energy flow.

When I have an in-person or distance session, I always start with the recipient's head – to calm the mind. The second move is the person's heart area to establish heart-to-heart coherence. Hearts know where and what kind of help is needed.

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Disclosure: This material is for informational purposes only and not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

With love and light,

Roman Peace and Balance Reiki Center

January 2022

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