Energy and Wound Healing

Reiki practitioners use energy to help an individual to restore his or her optimal health. We rebalance energy flow in the body and clear up energy blockages, which improves and speeds up the body's ability to recover. After Reiki sessions, many people observe how cuts and incisions heal faster after accidents or surgeries. Many hospitals start using Reiki to help patients who are preparing for or recovering from surgery. Many studies over the years have shown that Reiki offers several different benefits, some of which may be beneficial to people who are recovering from wounds and surgical procedures.

Reiki is known for reducing anxiety before and after surgery. Often anxiety slows down healing prosses by weakening the immune system. Reiki also may reduce stress levels. Helping switch from "fight or flight" response to "rest and digest" decreases inflammation in the body. This will improve healing prosses. Reiki may help with pain management. Pain is widespread after surgery. Reducing the level of pain will improve quality of life, making it easier to participate in physical therapy and daily physical activities, which also help with recovery.

For years Reiki practitioners have experienced a good dose of skepticism from public and medical professionals until now. Several companies and universities are currently working on creating devices that increase energy flow in the wound or operated area. Recently several papers about the healing power of energy were published, and several "electric bandages" were patented in the US and around the world. Experiments at Ohio State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and The University of Manchester all prove that increasing energy flow through a damaged area stimulates faster regeneration and prevents infection. Just like the pharmaceutical industry synthesizes and puts in the pill form what grows naturally (natural remedies), bioelectrical engineering tries to reproduce a healer's hand.

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