Do I deplete my Energy during a Reiki session?

My students ask this question every time I teach a Reiki class. The short answer is NO; if you are appropriately trained. Let me explain what I mean. When I started my energy work over 20 years ago, I used a different modality, not Reiki. I was drained and exhausted after each session. I was not able to do more than one session a day. Wrongly I thought it was expected, a small price to pay in helping someone to heal. A few years later, I learned that it was a shortcoming of my training. It was the reason why I needed one or two days to restore my energy level after each session. I concentrated so hard on the recipient, on his needs, and moved my energy a certain way - it was exhausting. I used my energy during the session.

Some teachers do not emphasize strongly enough the importance of connecting with the Source, Universal Energy. If a practitioner feels tired after a session, it means he or she needs adjustments in their practice. These are my suggestions:

  • Meditate before a session. Even 4-7 minutes will make a big difference. Let go and free yourself of all worries and expectations. You are intermedium between the Source (Universal Energy, Spiritually Guided Energy, or any other name you may use) and the body desperately trying to heal itself.

  • Ground yourself. You can use any techniques that help you achieve this goal. I use the Qigong breathing technique.

  • Let go of your Ego. It is not you who is doing the healing – you are just a facilitator. Your gift is to be a pure conduit for this Universal Power. Surrender yourself to this Power; let it freely flow through you. When you remove your Ego from this equation, the Source will guide you and let you know everything about you and this session's recipient. For some practitioners, this is the hardest part.

  • Raise your vibration using Gassho, Reiji-ho, and Chiryo.

If you implement these suggestions, you open yourself to the Universal Power of Love and Healing. Do not try to control or direct the Energy flow. Hiroshi Doi writes, "Reiki-ho heals the self and others with the hado of Love by connecting with the Universe, and there is no need to control anything." Let this Energy flow like water through you to the recipient. Places that need this Energy will take as much as they need; organs and tissues that don't need it will let this Energy flow to other parts of the body. I practice these steps before each session, which is why I feel better and more energized after each session. When this Energy flows through me, some of it stays with me.

One side note: if you, practitioner, are under the weather, cancel a session. This session will not be effective. Most of the Energy will stay in you, helping your body restore your optimal health. Doing a self-healing session will be the right approach.

I hope this was helpful. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

With Love and Light, Roman

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