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Crystals and Healing Practice

Since the earliest times, humans have had a fascination with crystals. Crystals were used for protection, health, and power from ancient times. They became a symbol of wealth and status. Crystals found their place in kings' crowns and pharaohs' necklaces. Many ancient cultures believed in the healing properties of crystals. They became a favorite attribute for fortune-tellers.

Nowadays, we use crystals almost everywhere, from graphite pencil lead to advanced electronics. They conduct electricity and could store information. Each year brings us more discoveries in the uniqueness of the crystals and their properties.

I know many practitioners use crystals in their practice. Some of them become crystal collectors. If it improves their practice, it is excellent. I love crystals. I admire their properties, colors, and geometry and see them as compressed universal energy. Choosing your crystals, where to buy them, and how to take care of your crystals is another topic that deserves a separate blog post.

With more awareness and acceptance of Energy medicine (Complementary or Integrative Therapies), the popularity of crystals is grown dramatically. With these growing demands, I see two disturbing trends. First is the industrial mining of crystals, and the second is artificial crystals, which are flooding the market. In this blog, I share my personal opinion and view on the use of crystals. I do not use crystals in my practice. We connect with universal consciousness and the Earth's energy during our sessions. Crystals are a part of the Earth. They are all connected and communicate, creating a network that plays a role in the Earth's electromagnetic field. As trained practitioners, we understand that everything is energy, and everything is connected and affects each other. During the session, I can use Earth's healing power and the crystals without removing them. For me, collecting crystals is like collecting butterflies. We admire their beauty, but by collecting them, we remove them from the environment, affecting the balance in nature. If we connect to the Earth's power and the Source in our practice, we already use all the crystals and everything else that Universe and our Mother Earth provide.

Every indigenous tradition teaches us to protect and respect Mother Earth, to be her guardians. "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints." I love to visit crystal caves, not crystal shops. I cannot support industrial removal of crystals, chopping them, and selling for profit. It is not only affecting the Earth but also the properties of the crystals. The economy thrives on consumerism, taking advantage of the self-care movement and acceptance of non-traditional healing techniques. Purchasing a "wealth-creating crystal" or "arthritis healing crystal" will not make a difference in our lives. Wealth or health cannot be bestowed upon us. Everything that we need is already in us. To heal and improve our lives, we need to restore balance, peace, and coherence in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

Ancient wisdom teaches us that everything in the universe has a soul, and modern science teaches us that everything is energy. Now we are beginning to understand that they are the same. They are both not restricted by space or time; they have intelligence and carry information. On every continent, the base of every traditional teaching is honoring and respecting Mother Earth. These teachings tell us to think hard before taking anything.

Do you want to use crystals? It is easy. Connect with nature, become a part of nature. Sit on the grass, hug a tree, connect with Mother Earth and the Source. All the power and all the crystals are right under your feet. We are a part of this great Universal symphony where we play our role. We are energetically connected to everything. Sit in silence and let Universe guide you.

Any energy healing is a spiritual practice. Adding more stuff to our shelves will not improve our practice. New crystals on the shelves are only fulfilling our wants. They are not our Inner Healer needs; they are what our Ego wants. We can only become effective practitioners when we remove our Ego from the equation. We are all connected, and our actions toward other people or nature will also affect us. Let us become guardians of Mother Earth, protecting her beauty and wholeness.

Disclosure: This material is for informational purposes only and not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

With love and light,


Peace and Balance Reiki Center

March 2022

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