Blending Reiki and Art

Today I would like to talk about my effort to combine Energy therapy and Art therapy. For a long time, I considered Art as one of the Biofield therapies. These therapies create an environment for physical, psychological, and spiritual healing.

We all remember a school experiment when a light beam goes through a prism and becomes a rainbow. We can see different colors because they all have a different wavelength. Different wavelength means different energies. Colors are an important part of the human psyche. Our ancestors choose different colors for each chakra. People associate emotions with specific colors. There is a reason why some people see colors during the Reiki session. Every architect and interior designer knows that colors can affect our moods, feelings, and emotions. Pablo Picasso once says, "Colors follow the changes of the emotions." We know that several ancient cultures practiced Chromotherapy. It is a practice of using specific colors to heal. We try to restore this ancient wisdom and knowledge by practicing light therapy. The colors also an essential part of our diet. When we hear "eat the rainbow," we realize our ancestors' wisdom behind this phrase.

In my "Reiki + Art" sessions, I use art exercises before and after Reiki. For the art part, I use blank outline mandalas. They are free creativity of our inner wisdom. It gives the freedom of expression with colors without focusing on shapes or forms. Any other shape like a flower or animal will force our minds to rely on preconceptions or memories. Like rose is red, or bear is brown. A blank mandala allows us to express emotions, feelings, and thoughts in colors. Clients are asked to choose colors that represent his/her current physical and emotional stage. What colors will best describe you right now? After the session client will be asked to evaluate his physical and emotional stage and what colors will be reflecting it. The same blank mandala pattern will be offered to be colored. Sometimes colors show a more significant shift than a person realizes. It is a starting point to a conversation about stack emotions and feelings.

I will never interpret the colors' mining unless you and your client from the same culture, religion, and region. The same color in different cultures has a different meaning. In one culture, Red represents happiness and prosperity in other anger and danger. Color White could be a color of purity and innocence or a color of grief and mourning. My role is never to assume.

Colors not just motivate us as consumers, reflect our emotions, and could help us to heal. What colors please you? What colors bring you peace? We can inspire, uplift, and heal with colors.


I am is not a licensed medical doctor or therapist. Reiki or any Energy treatment is not a substitute for medical treatment or medication.

With love and light,


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