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Peace and Balance Reiki Center


Reiki and its Many Benefits

Reiki strengthens our immune system, reduces stress, and empowers the body's natural self-healing abilities. By improving energy flow in and around our body, Reiki improves our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Reiki is a healing technique with roots older than any written record. Every culture has its hands-on healing technique that most of us now call Reiki. 

Reiki treatment compliments any medical treatment or procedure. It complements all medical therapies and reduces the side effects of conventual treatments. It helps achieve inner balance and restores optimal health.

My Reiki Services

Individual Sessions

A form of energy healing that improves physical and emotional well-being. I conduct sessions remotely via zoom or on a phone.


Energy medicine & Self-Care class. In this class, you will learn about our stressors and stress management techniques and the relationship between our energy and our health.


A regular Reiki program is a powerful and effective way to help you and your employees de-stress and relax.


Personalized mentorship to grow your skills at a faster rate to take your Reiki to the next level.

Reiki in Action

Reiki healing technique works with the body's biofield, referred to as Ki, Qi, Chi, or Prana. Reiki treatment typically consists of light touch or no touch of the client. During a session, a client is in a sitting or lying position and fully clothed.

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