Reiki and Women's Health

Updated: May 12, 2020

On April 22, 2019, Women's Health magazine posted an article about Reiki as a healing technique. Below is an excerpt from this article. ~ In the modern world, we're all running around on empty, with just enough energy to get through what we have to do every day – meaning there's not a lot of energy left over for your body to work on maintenance, repair, and more profound healing. "And so, when you give your body extra energy, it takes that energy and uses it how it wants to, likely for deeper healing," Brunius explains. According to Dr. Graham, in the same article, "and I do believe that there is an untapped mechanism behind the energy that supports your own body's healing abilities that we don't understand just yet – so it's certainly worth a tail if you're in pain." Both Dr. Graham and Brunius conclude that "Reiki is most often used as a solution for people who are in pain – both physical and mental." ~ Reiki is the number one biofield technique practiced in the majority of hospitals, clinics, and hospices. During a session, a client is fully clothed, and practitioners' hands slightly touch the client or hover above. Session also could be conducted in the distance when the client and practitioner could be even in different states or countries. A woman is the foundation of the family, and energy healing sessions help to maintain this foundation stable and robust. These sessions help balance the energy flow, keep the chakras system vibrant and healthy. Healthy energy flow in your body brings you inner peace, improves your immune system, and body self-healing abilities. People report improvements in all aspects of their life from high BP to reduction in the intensity of cramps. Reiki could provide pain relief, reduce the side effects of the cancer treatments. It usually takes two-three sessions to have measurable benefits. A series of sessions is recommended. Each session is a little different, as your energy flow changes from one session to another. Your emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual representation evolves and changes. The effectiveness of the sessions is based on practitioner's skills and your acceptance of this energy. A woman who is looking for holistic, non-interventional therapy needs to give Reiki a try. Disclosure: Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment. With love and light, Roman

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