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Updated: Jan 23

What is essential to being a good Reiki practitioner? Every great Reiki teacher always says that a practitioner is a conduit for the Reiki energy, a vessel that channels Reiki or Universal, Spiritually Guided Life Energy to the recipient. This universal life energy passes through us to the person in need empowering the body's self-healing abilities. So, why some practitioners are more effective than others?

A new practitioner's major misconception is that Attunement, Initiation, or Placement will provide them with a superpower. It will not. Attunement (the most common phrase) aims to help us rediscover "the Great Bright Light" inside us. Rediscover our connection with Universal Consciousness, Universal Wisdom, or Universal Spirit, or whatever name you prefer. It is like a small seed inside every human being. Attunement helps rediscover and connect with this little seed, and it is up to the individual to grow, cultivate and develop this seed into something wonderful and powerful. It takes time, practice, and dedication.

Let's focus on two significant obstacles.

  • The first obstacle is a lack of experience:

After being attuned or initiated to Reiki, we receive a gift of Reiki. It is like a gift of a magnificent musical instrument. And we all know, just having a great musical instrument does not make you a great musician. It takes daily practice to improve our art. There are many ways we can practice even when we just started and do not have any clients. We can practice on ourselves, ask a friend or relative if they would like to receive a session. Our pets also could be great Reiki receivers. Another option is to check out the local MeetUp group for Reiki Shares or Reiki Circles. You can connect with people in your Reiki class and practice together, or reach out to any Master. Take additional courses in Reiki or another modality to expand your knowledge and improve your skills.

  • The Second obstacle is a lack of inner peace:

We compare the practitioner to a vessel or conduit that channels this Universal Energy. The energy can flow freely only if the vessel is not obstructed. If a practitioner is physically under the weather or emotionally stressed, my recommendation will be to reschedule the session. The universal life energy will not pass, or if it does pass, it will not be effective. Heal the Healer, we all heard this phrase before. Do we take this seriously when it affects us? We all know stress, negative thoughts, or trauma affect the energy flow in the body. We are trained to restore healthy energy flow. As practitioners, we also, from time to time, could be affected by the same forces. Often, we need to remind ourselves when we are in pain – physical or emotional – we are not effective healers. During this time, when we are with a client, this universal healing energy will stay in our body to comfort and heal us. To be an effective healer, we need to be in peace with ourselves and the world around us. If you can help yourself to find inner peace and heal, it is excellent, but sometimes, we need help too. It is perfectly fine to reach out to another practitioner for assistance.

A few ways to increase your Reiki energy:

  • · Recite the five precepts.

  • · Daily meditation.

  • · Practice gratitude.

  • · Take care of your emotional and physical needs.

To help practitioners overcome these and other obstacles, I offer mentoring services.

Reach me at if you have any questions.

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